Ohm Collection for Ifö Electric - Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019 / by Kauppi & Kauppi

It is a great honor to announce our design collaboration with Ifö Electric, one of Sweden's classic companies and Scandinavia’s only factory producing pressed porcelain.

Ohm is a new porcelain luminaire collection for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables. The first grand collection by Ifö Electric in more than ten years, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi, is launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019. Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes references the company’s legacy. The Ohm family includes the first table lamps in Ifö Electric´s century long history.

“We were seduced by the fascinating soft shapes of insulators and connection boxes, some of the first products manufactured by Ifö Electric. We wanted to bring these silhouettes back into the company´s assortment by creating something new, carrying some of its identity”, says Nina Kauppi.

Ohm is presented by Ifö Electric at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Ohm porcelain luminaire collection by Ifö Electric - Designed by Kauppi & Kauppi - Launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019
Ohm by Ifö Electric. Design Kauppi & Kauppi.

Ohm by Ifö Electric. Design Kauppi & Kauppi.