The Barn & Fences - Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 / by Kauppi & Kauppi

Wintry silent landscapes inspired Glimakra of Sweden and Johan Kauppi in their latest collaboration. A collection of furniture for well-balanced acoustic work environment – still keeping the office landscape open. The Barn & Fences is all about horizontality, repetition and transparency.

Limbus Barn & Fences is a collection of partitions and a pavilion, designed for dividing and defining areas in offices and large-scale public interiors. Produced by Glimakra of Sweden, designed by Johan Kauppi launching at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018. Barn & Fences allows you to create mute zones and damped areas and still maintain the sense of open space - at the same time. A system with well taken-care-of details and a great flexibility in utilization with the aim to make open space interiors sonically pleasant.

Snow covered fences in North Sweden_Photo_Johan Kauppi.jpg