Design by Johan Kauppi for Glimakra of Sweden

It all started with a curious thought - can solid wood furniture be given acoustic properties?

Wakufuru is a family of furniture with an friendly and informal character that suits perfect for gatherings. Furthermore, they effectively attenuates sound - even though it is not visible. The acoustic secret lays in the design creating a volume inside the furniture. Under each piece of furniture, several optimized material layers are concealed and interact with the volume of each furniture.

Wakufuru Collection by Glimakra of Sweden, design Johan Kauppi

Wood as a material, always contributes with a natural warmth in public spaces and interiors. Johan wanted to find out if wood furniture also could reflect some of the sound atmosphere found in forests. From the very beginning, already the first sketches were based on a design that focused on Glimakra of Swedens long tradition of wood production and acoustic knowledge. The result is a collection of solid wood furniture as an essence of true craftsmanship, advanced wood technology and a great attention to acoustics.

Above an animation explaining the structure of the design and the hidden combination of optimized layers that interacts to make the furniture efficient sound absorbers. Animation and music by Nina Kauppi.