Photo: Johan Sundell

Photo: Johan Sundell

Nina Kauppi

A designer who pays great attention to details and materials, whether it comes to jewelry, furniture or interiors

Nina Kauppi earned her MFA degree in Jewelry Art & Design in 2006 after studying at HDK, Gothenburg University. She is an experienced Senior Designer with a long history of working in-house within the luxury industry and has designed a great number of commercially successful collections in the name of the exclusive brands she has worked with.

Nina is a product and industrial designer with extra ordinary expertise when it comes to small scale objects. She has designed creative jewelry collections worn by individuals all over the world, for companies such as Tiffany & Co in New York and Thomas Sabo Gmbh in Germany.

“I always feel the most creatively free when the narrowest frames are set. It makes me turn the project inside out and back again, until it finally reaches the level that rises my affection. Often through a process of simplifying.”

She enjoys researching new areas tremendously, being curious will always lead to new knowledge. Her interest in technical solutions has brought the studio into new product areas. At the moment she leads the studios work in a technology intense area to be revealed in 2019. Projects with a process that need a lot of mock-ups, something that she dearly engages in. Whether it includes skilled 3D modeling and printing or hands on model-making.