Kebne Outdoor Gym

Design by Kauppi & Kauppi for Nola Industrier

An abstracted mountain silhouette that positions itself somewhere between public furniture, outdoor gym and landscape architecture

Kebne is a system of outdoor exercise furniture that offers unlimited customizable workouts in both strength and flexibility. From tough strength training to simply stretching with friends, Kebne enables the user to challenge themself on whichever level they choose. The intuitive design and lack of complicated moving parts creates a user-friendly experience that allows for every type of workout, from light exercise to even the most intense training. Kebne’s crossbar structure employs the user’s own body weight for resistance, so beginners and experts alike can create their perfect workout by simply adjusting grip and body position. Regardless of age, strength, or experience, Kebne doesn’t limit how or what to exercise.

Kebnekaise Mountain, photo Nina Kauppi
Kebne Outdoor Gym by Nola, Design Kauppi & Kauppi

Just like use of the Kebne, the installation process is designed to be as streamlined as possible. The stable and self-supporting construction allows the Kebne to be safely mounted directly onto suitable outdoor surfaces. In parks and recreation areas, the Kebne can be installed using simple land casting and mounting. The surface underneath the system can be prepared according to the user’s needs, with rubber granulates, wood chips or sand to create a soft surface which prevents land erosion and water retention. The Kebne system can be used as soon as it is installed, with its illustrated diagram of common movements for guidance.

Graphics - Kebne Outdoor Gym by Nola, design Kauppi & Kauppi

The sleek design of Kebne parallels the dynamic silhouette of the Kebnekaise mountain. With its sculptural elegance, the system will fit perfectly in any space, whether it is in an outdoor gym or among landscape architecture. The airy and functional system adorns and interacts with both urban environments as well as open landscapes, creating a natural gathering place for everyone.

Kebne Outdoor Gym by Nola, Design Kauppi & Kauppi