Photo: Johan Sundell

Photo: Johan Sundell

Johan Kauppi

A multi-disciplinary designer and interior architect working with products, furniture, interiors and concept design

Johan Kauppi received his MFA degree in Design in 2006 after studying at HDK, Gothenburg University. He works multidisciplinary with concept architecture, spatial design, furniture and products. Johan has an experience from a wide range of projects in all scales – from bridges and public art, to industrial design and branding. One of his specialties is products and furniture with acoustic properties. Johan has created several collections for offices and workplaces, combining new features and acoustic innovations.

“Johan enjoys exploring and developing new design areas. His analytic and strategic approach tend to seek out those areas forgotten by others. The gaps that need to be filled or products re-analyzed and designed with a new take. It makes him an excellent creative partner with a fantastic executive capacity”, says Nina Kauppi, pointing out Johan’s role as the studios conceptual and creative engine.

Johan´s great ability of spatial thinking and visual communication is significant for his way of addressing design - whether it comes to furniture, products or office solutions.